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RaidTeam.info is a tool to help World of Warcraft players track and organize information about their raid team.

Some of the things you can track with a free account:

  • Equipped gear for multiple specs
  • Current and maximum equipped item level
  • Raid progression and rankings
  • Tier set items collected and missing
  • Legendary items collected

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RaidTeam 1.3.0 Posted September 29th, 2017 by Topher
This update is (again) primarily a backend update. There are a significant number of changes to the way RaidTeam works behind-the-scenes, which should resolve a bunch of issues (an presumably introduce some new ones). If you experience any issues, please jump onto the RaidTeam Discord server and let me know!
Some of the noticeable changes:
  • You can now remove accepted team invitations yourself, without requiring a team moderator.
  • Netherlight Crucible unlock is tracked on the Audit page. This is account-wide, there is no way to detemine this on a character-specific basis yet.
  • Hovering your cursor over the tier token legend on the Overview page will show the classes that can use the token.
  • The home page now only displays a single logo (down from 2).
  • Significant performance improvements when loading data-heavy areas such as the leaderboard or team activity feed.
RaidTeam 1.2.0 Posted September 7th, 2017 by Topher
Most of the updates in this version are behind-the-scenes, but there are a few notable changes:
  • Added WarcraftLogs parses (7.3+ only) and boss kill/progression overview.
  • Teams can now be accessed directly from the Teams dropdown menu.
  • Removed 7.3 epic gems from the epic gems overview, since they do not share a Unique-Equipped category.
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 4 beta. There might still be a few things that aren't styled correctly, if you notice anything important please contact me.
  • Significant performance improvements on the backend server resulting in faster scans and significantly less lag during large updates.
Patreon update Posted September 1st, 2017 by Topher
Users with a linked Patreon account will now be automatically upgraded if you pledge to RaidTeam. If your account is not linked when you pledge, or the automatic upgrade doesn't happen, please reauthorize RaidTeam to access your Patreon account, and this should upgrade your account.
RaidTeam 1.1.3 Posted August 31st, 2017 by Topher

This week has been pretty big! RaidTeam has gone from around 400 users to over 1,200 users! Between those users, there are 696 raid teams being tracked, for a total of 10,382 raiders! Whoa!

I've done some work to balance the load, but if you notice your team hasn't updated in over 24 hours, please contact me.

The notable updates this week are:
  • RaidTeam now has a Discord server!
  • Patreon is now available, with some relatively small rewards.
  • Link with your Discord or Patreon account to RaidTeam from the Account Management page.
  • Teams now have an automatic update expiry time. At any time, someone with moderator privileges can reset the timer.
  • Activity feed now filters all pre-Legion items and legendaries.
  • The Overview tab should now display correctly on Safari, and the animations should display on other browsers.
RaidTeam.info v1.1.0 update Posted August 25th, 2017 by Topher

This week I've added several new features related to guilds and team management, as well as several layout updates across the website.

  • Link your RaidTeam account with your Blizzard account, automatically adding your characters and guilds to our database. You can log in to your Blizzard account by selecting Manage account from the account dropdown menu.
  • If you have a character in a guild that is rank 2 or higher, after linking your account the guild will be listed under My Guilds on the My Teams page. From there you can access some additional functions:
    • Importing members directly from the guild into any of your raid teams.
    • Authorizing the guild to access any of your raid teams, allowing any members with a linked account to view it.
  • Guilds will now appear on your team's home page. This is not linked to any specific guild, but is based on the members in the team.
  • The maximum team size has been increased to 40 members.
  • Scripting behind the raid view has been reworked, and switching between tabs and pages should now feel significantly smoother.
  • All pages of the raid view should now display correctly on a majority of devices.
  • The activity feed should now display less junk (i.e. non-equippable) items, and will show boss kills from all Legion raids.
  • The gear tab now also shows each characters main hand and off hand.
  • Tier sets are now sorted by equipped, rather than total owned.
  • Improved support for Russian and other non-English realms, including player titles appearing in their realm's appropriate language.
  • A variety of new icons across the entire website, courtesy of icon font providers Font Awesome and RPG Awesome.

Feature update Posted August 19th, 2017 by Topher

Today's update brings several new features, along with a number of smaller improvements and updates across the website.

  • Russian realm support has been added
  • Team management has received a large update
    • Management has been integrated into the raid view
    • Members can now be designated as Raid Leader, Active, Trial or Inactive
    • Members can now be multiple roles and a primary role
    • You no longer need to assign a role when adding a member
  • The raid view has also received several improvements
    • New filters on the Tier sets page
    • All of the raid view tabs have received a fancy new icon!
    • Refreshing or bookmarking a page should now send you back to the same view
    • Navigating back/forwards using your browser navigation should also send you to the appropriate view

Yahoo! Email Addresses
Apparently Yahoo's spam blocking is super strict, not sure why my messages aren't being delivered, but it seems they are the only provider that is still blocking emails. If you are a Yahoo user, please email raidteam@raidteam.info and I will manually confirm your account as soon as possible.
Email confirmation update Posted 16th August, 2017 by Topher

Apparently someone on my IP block liked to send spam emails and got our whole IP range banned from several providers, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

I have started sending emails using SendGrid, and while they will probably go into your spam folder until the spam verification process is complete, you will actually get the emails instead of them being outright rejected.

Anyone who has created an account, but hasn't been able to activate it yet, please use the password reset page to send a password reset email, which will also confirm your email address.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

RaidTeam.info alpha is live Posted 13th August, 2017 by Topher

Thanks for checking out RaidTeam.info! The alpha version is now live, and you can now sign up and start tracking your raid team.

Please note that this alpha version is still under heavy development, and although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee the availability of the service or that there won't be a cataclysmic disaster resulting in a loss of data.

If you encounter any bugs, or have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by selecting "Submit feedback" from the account dropdown. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at raidteam@raidteam.info.