What is RaidTeam.info?
RaidTeam.info is an automatic tracker and organizer for your World of Warcraft raid team.
Once you've created a team and added some members, their character data will be regularly pulled from the World of Warcraft Armory, processed and stored on our servers.
After we've gathered some data, we can provide you with various kinds of information for each character, such as:
  • Equipment, talents and stats for multiple specs (when seen)
  • Tier set items collected and missing
  • Legendary items collected
  • Raid and dungeon progression
  • Various other statistics
Team overview

After we've gathered your team's character profiles, we are able to provide a broad overview of your raid team.

View your team broken down by item level, class, role and tier toke, including:

  • A live team activity log showing raid boss kills and loot.
  • A team leaderboard with weekly data tracking
  • Raid-wide gear overview
  • Gems and enchants audit
  • Tier set items collected and missing

Check out a team preview!

External data providers

RaidTeam.info wouldn't be possible without data from the following providers:

World of Warcraft

Warcraft Logs


If you enjoy the features provided by RaidTeam.info or any of the providers above, please consider making a donation or Patreon pledge to show your support.

Contact us
Members can submit a feedback or support request by selecting "Submit feedback" from the account dropdown menu.